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For Crypto and Forex

Start your trader education with us. You will obtain all the knowledge required to start getting profits on crypto- and Forex- markets on your own. This service is fully included in our Premium’s service packages.

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The benefits of an online academy

You will get immediate access to our course through the series of videos on our website. You can watch at any time, anywhere, as many times as you want.

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Course duration

Each course lasts about 20 hours, which can be divided into 10+ hours of explanation of different strategies that can be used for any of the trading styles, and 10+ hours of theory and practice.

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Course update

Our courses are updated at least once a year to keep our content constantly relevant.

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Become a PRO

You will learn all of the essential topics from the very basic to the advanced level. You will master the technical and fundamental analysis, as well as learn different investment and projection strategies.

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We will schedule webinars on a regular basis so you can deepen previously acquired knowledge with new learning materials. In case you cannot attend the class, we will provide you with access to our library, so that you can watch it whenever you want.

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Constant support

You will have a team of teachers to answer any of the questions that may come up during your study sessions and to share their tips and professional experience with you. Contact us via chat to resolve any doubt you might have.

497$Your course indefinitely

Lifelong access
Constant update
Appointed teacher

497$Your course indefinitely

Lifelong access
Constant update
Appointed teacher

597$Your course indefinitely

Lifelong access
Constant update
Appointed teacher
The best price


Access to all of our services
Monthly payment
No permanency
Several packages at your disposal

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